I'm still here! I started a full time job in January and needless to say, I got busy. Just recently I looked through my website and felt so rejuvenated and inspired. Going to be doing some updates and blog posts in the coming weeks and months, hopefully adding some new work into the mix as well. 

Hopping back in the saddle with some highlights from my trip to Iceland in April. I bought my plane ticket back in October not quite knowing how I would be able to fund the trip when it came around. Luckily I got a job that is super awesome and super flexible that allowed me to take a week while fully embracing the Icelandic culture (read: expensive). I met up with the guys of Foxing for their last stop on their European tour in Reykjavik where Sean and I got an AirBnb. Reykjavik is a wonderful and walkable city that treated us so well. We explored the city the first few days and spent our last three days renting a car, driving to the southern coast to Vik and next to the northern peninsula. Like many say of Iceland, photos do not do this amazing place justice.